Bioinoculants treatment methods and dose of application for finger millet cultivation

Online training- 1.7.2021 (MSSRF, Chennai)

To emphasis the importance of biofertilizer and biopesticides use, an online training event titled “Importance of Bioinoculants and modes of application for finger millet cultivation” was conducted for the fellowship farmers and young professionals of Sub -1 MSSRF-DBT-Biotech KISAN,

The young professionals involved in project implementation benefitted by this training, and they will in turn train the farmers involved in the demonstration trials in the selected villages of the aspirational districts of Odisha. The training was organized in three sessions, Dr. V.R Prabavathy, Principal Scientist, Microbiology lab, MSSRF, Chennai explained in detail on the importance of bioinoculants and the proper dose of Trichoderma and Pseudomonas application in combination with the IFFCO-NPK consortia to boost finger millet yield. The application of Trichoderma and Pseudomonas, enhances crop yield and maintains soil fertility and is cost effective, it also helps in the mitigation of pest and disease attacks in finger millet. A video content was created to orient the fellowship farmers and the young professionals on the right dosage and method of application of bioinoculants. The content was explained in Odia by Mr. Abhisek Adhikari, Young Professional II, MSSRF, Chennai. This video in the respective language can be used as a reference in the aspirational district of Odisha and Kerala. Further Dr. S Jegan, Scientist, MSSRF, Chennai clarified all the doubts that were raised regarding the applications. Small and marginalized farmers require need low cost alternatives such as biofertilizers and biopesticides to protect their crops and enhance yield.