Demonstration trials with improved agronomic practices to enhance millets productivity in the DBT- Aspirational districts of Odisha

Millets are the major crop cultivated in the blocks chosen for the project implementation particularly finger millet. In all the villages of the three aspirational districts, 109 farmers are involved in millet cultivation covering an approximate area of 62.7 acres [Koraput= LT - 15.7 acres by 32 farmers, SMI- 3.3 acre by 04 farmers, Malkangiri= SMI - 0.90 Acre by 2 Farmers; LT – 37.80 Acre by 52 Farmers; Intercropping – 2 Acre by 4 Farmers, Rayagada= LT – 2.4 Acre by 12 Farmers; Intercropping – 0.6 Acre by 3 Farmers]Various millet-based demonstrations of improved agronomy practices with seed treatment using Trichoderma viride and liquid consortia (AzotobactorAzospirillum, PhosphobacteriaPotash solubilizing bacteria, Rhizobium) and crop demonstration of finger millet cultivation for 52 selected farmers is being carried out and data monitoring is under progressIn this cropping season farmers are involved in the implementation of the improved agronomic practices in the three aspirational districts as given below.  

  • System of Millet Intensification(SMI) monocropping system = 06 farmers  
  • Line Transplanting (LT) in Finger millet monocropping systems -96 farmers  
  • Intercropping of Finger millet+ Little millet+ Reg gram – 07 farmers