MSSRF-Tribal Agro-biodiversity Centre (TAbC), Jeypore

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The regional centre was established in 2006 Jeypore with the support of Government of Odisha. The centre is working closely with the tribal families to develop a sense of ownership and to actively participate in all aspects of the work, related to conservation, enhancement through cultivation and chronicling of traditional knowledge and vanishing crops, promotion of sustainable livelihoods through micro-level interventions,establishment of community managed gene, seed, grain and water banks, promotion of genetic literacy and documentation of local conservation traditions. The initiatives enabled the local tribal communities to receive the prestigious “Equator Initiative Award for conservation of plant genetic resources and traditions”. Kalajeera and products of minor millets are some of the initiatives exemplifying the success of the work of tribal families, with support from MSSRF designed to create an economic stake in conservation. The centre helps tribal women and men to protect their Intellectual Property Rights under the provisions of the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights Act (PPVFRA, 2001) and Biodiversity Act (2002). A participatory Knowledge Management System has been developed to foster genetic, trade and legal literacy.

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